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The 16th wedding anniversary is often a gift out of wax or silver hollowware.

Browse our unique selection of presents, such as personalized home decor and custom jewelry with your personal messages of love on them.

A present that demonstrates just how much your marriage or relationship means to you.

Well we’d suggest something you can enjoy as a couple such as Dinner for Two on the West End.

Following the Themes for the 16th Wedding Anniversary Using the 16th Anniversary Color, Flower and Gemstone Going the Sentimental Route Community Q&A So, your 16th wedding anniversary is coming up and you’re trying to decide what to get your significant other?

There are a lot of ways you can make the 16th special.

If the Cosmos flower is given as a romantic gift you are saying; The gemstone that represents your 2 year anniversary is Garnet, a lovely deep red stone and one that was a popular stone for engagement rings.

Diamonds were for only the very wealthy, rubies and garnets were popular and red is the traditional color for love. The meaning behind Garnets is that they attract love and soul mates and enhance your creativity.

The name is derived from the Greek word Kosmo which is the universe due the ordered symmetry of the petals of the flower.

We recommend making her feel special with a unique present made just for her.

Perfect for this is our Message In a Bottle which is highly rated by our customers.

If you still can't find a suitable present then consider the following tips to help you decide. You might get away with any old gift most years, but if you want to stay in her good books then marriage milestones such as your 10th (tin), 25th (silver) and 50th (gold) require some thought.

We’d recommend a gift engraved with the date of your wedding. Fear not, simply refine our product selection to your price range and you’ll find something to suit your means.

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