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Because I do have the confidence to ask you out on a date.Hi Ronnie – The Dating Coach, I have a question about divorce and dating.This is where the guess work comes in…All of these methods have one very important thing in common – I knew the men were single and looking for love.Many times women want to meet men in their every day life and this can work.I have good body language and am able to decode the body language of men. I give them the opportunity to pursue, but nothing happens.Being a single mum its difficult to go out to bars etc…I’m divorced for a couple of months at 41 and have two teenage children.I have a good career, enjoy keeping fit, dancing, eating healthily and having fun with friends and family. I worked on myself for the eleven months it took to get divorced to find me again.

Here’s how I explain – if you want to fish, you go where the fish are!They texted a lot and he “talked” about going out, but never did ask her. In fact, Jake told her the timing wasn’t right (here’s that post about how to understand men.) Below, I have explained why a woman should not take the role of initiator at the very beginning of dating. Now, if a man initiates, of course mirror his actions – return his call, text or email. For some women, this idea is very hard because today men and women seem so equal. Well you can do it of course, but you won’t find out what he’d do on his own, to pursue you – and as a dating coach that is most often the measure of how much he likes you. Talking about a date is not the same as GOING on a date. Use this to help you understand what actions you should take with dating. Following his lead by returning his calls, texts, emails and saying yes to a date if you are interested – that is your job as the follower. This follower role is only true for the initial phase of dating – the first 6 dates or so.At the start of dating, there is only one way to know if a man is interested in you or just blowing smoke with his flirtations. This is where talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. In ballroom dancing, there is only one leader and only one follower. After that, things tend to balance out and you can start taking turns initiating. She should stop texting and flirting and move on to find a man who is ready to date and wants a relationship. Like, .003 percent, should Clive Owen show up on my front stoop with a package of Magnums. I should not be the one who has to ask men on dates — or limply not-ask, as is more often the case — all the time because they’re too afraid of getting rejected. You have to realize if we’ve been talking on the phone, emailing, and flirting, it means I am interested in you and your chances of being rejected are much, much lower. I’m as afraid of rejection as the next human being but I’m willing to risk it if it means a great date with a wonderful man.

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