Battlefield 2 bfhq not updating

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- Fixed bug where a spawn point is shown as selected when it is not if player has spawned in during the preview round.

- Co-Op (Local Server) - Fixed the issue where no other players may join the server if the server host is kicked and banned. - Added support for multiple gamemodes in single maplist for mods .

You can change it to 1024x768 @ 100Hz ingame in Video settings. i had this problem , but once i reinstalled the game i could get back into the game.

Everything else is working fine on my pc including other games (older) so I don't know what could be the problem.

You get unlock points after you level up your character.

However, you actually have to play "Special Forces" to unlock certain weapons from that DLC to be able to use them in the vanilla game.

p=238191#238191 Try disabling Hyperthreading in BIOS, this is the only thing that has EVER worked for me and I used to crash after ~ 30 secs of being in game before.

Now i very rarely get a CTDIt sucks and it seems ridiculous that I have to disable HT on a P4 computer to play a game, but yeah, it works.

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