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Buzz and Grace become boyfriend and girlfriend, even though she claims nothing sexual will occur between them.

Sarah and Robbie nearly reconcile but remain apart.

Buzz thinks his deejaying the event will improve his reputation with the ladies.

Mack hears about a guest family switching to the more-modernized Ridgefield and ponders installing a cell tower.

Robbie must assist his mother with her troublesome gambling.

Little Otter prepares for its mixer dance with Camp Ridgefield.

The governor voids the issued licenses but Raffi and Todd have the ceremony anyway. Mack worries about her parents' visit for the Harvest Moon Festival. The CITs (counselors-in-training) get ready to spend a night on Bear Mountain.Camp is an American-Australian comedy-drama television series that follows the antics of a group of campers and counselors at a lakeside summer camp named Little Otter Family Camp, run by director Mackenzie 'Mack' Granger played by Rachel Griffiths.The series was created by Liz Heldens and Peter Elkoff.Griffiths was cast in the role of Mackenzie Granger, the camp’s director, who is reeling from being left by her husband for a younger woman; Pocock is set to play Robbie Matthews, the head of activities at the camp with lofty goals of attending law school, whilst Kaplan will portray Sarah, Robbie's summer romance.After a recent divorce, Mackenzie "Mack" Granger (Rachel Griffiths) opens her summer camp, Camp Little Otter, and tries to run it on her own.

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