Coptic views dating

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Peter Makari, a church leader with extensive experience working with Coptic organizations, writes about the ways in which Copts have organized community initiatives, development projects and solidarity movements with fellow Egyptians to promote national unity and peace.

The Coptic Orthodox Church is unique in its preference for placing monks in the highest positions of authority. Both of these monasteries, and numerous others, continue to operate.

The biblical Book of Acts tells how Jews from Egypt came to Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost, a Jewish harvest festival that marked the birth of the Christian church merely weeks after Christ’s crucifixion.

Many of these Egyptians took the message of Christianity back to their own country. Mark, one of the early disciples of Jesus, became the first bishop of Egypt.

Copts live throughout every corner of Egypt and at every socioeconomic level.

One of Egypt’s richest men, Naguib Sawiris, is a Copt, and so are most of Cairo’s garbage collectors, the zabellin.

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