Hannah montana and jonas brothers dating

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Meanwhile, Joe, Nick, Stella and Macy try to find out who has been taking picture of Jonas and uploading it on Macy's website Song(s): I Left My Heart in Scandinavia Guest Star: Madison Riley as Anya Notes: This episode can also be seen on the DVD "JONAS: Rocking the House" that was released on September 22, 2009 as a bonus feature. Song(s): We Got To Work It Out Guest Stars: Mark De Carlo as Himself, Cindy Ambuehl as Maggie Belle and Chelsea Harris as Carrie Sue Absent: Nicole Anderson as Macy Misa Title Reference: Beauty and the Beast Note: This episode can also be seen on the DVD "JONAS: Rocking the House" that was released on September 22, 2009 as a bonus feature.

Scandinavia is the first ever song from the Jonas Brothers that Kevin Jonas sings lead vocals. As the JONAS World Concert Tour draws closer, Joe and Stella come to terms with being apart from one another over the summer.

Kevin has an addiction to Nick's cookies and Nick tries to teach Kevin about self-control.

Guest star: Chuck Hittinger as Van Dyke Tosh Absent: John Ducey as Tom Lucas Kevin's old girlfriend, Anya has joined their school, but the kids in the school make fun of her because they find her eccentric.

Song(s): Pizza Girl Guest Star: Scheana Marie Jancan as Maria Note: Kevin makes a reference to Maria from The Sound of Music U. Viewers (Millions) Ratings: 3.40 Joe's childhood friend Carl comes to visit them, but manipulates their popularity for his own gain so they teach him a lesson.

Meanwhile, Stella is furious with Macy for using the money she lent her to buy a collector potato chip that has a resemblance to Joe. Viewers (Millions) Ratings: 3.70 When Kevin lets Macy be a backup singer on the next JONAS album, her voice turns out to be terrible, putting Kevin in an awkward situation.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Joe devise a plan to help Nick ace his geometry test after their dad threatens not to send the brothers on tour unless they pass all of their school exams Songs: Time Is On Our Side, Love Sick, Give Love a Try, Scandinavia (new version), Work It Out, and Keep It Real Note: This episode first aired on Disney Channel India on January 22.

This is the first season finale, with their tour continuing from this episode.

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Song(s): I Did It All Again Guest Star: Samantha Boscarino as Amy Absent: Nicole Anderson as Macy Misa U. Viewers (Millions) Ratings: 4.03 Joe questions his relationship with Stella when invited to a fashion event.

Kevin and Joe warn Nick that he's falling too fast for his crush, Penny, but Nick doesn't listen to them.

Nick then becomes heartbroken when he hears Penny singing a love song he wrote specially for her to her boyfriend.

Absent: Nicole Anderson as Macy Misa Note: This episode aired first on Disney Channel Middle East on October 3, 2009 as part of Disney Channel's "Wiz-Tober 2009".

Van Dyke asks Stella on a date to El Meat, a new, all-meat restaurant, and a jealous Joe crashes the date with Macy, in order to keep an eye on Stella.

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