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In the end surprise surprise she went for the guy with the big dick (and beautiful eyes coz i’m sure that was the attraction).

Next it was onto Mal, a bisexual woman, who wanted the option to choose by laying out both naked men and women( sort of like a sexual buffet).

She will love your charming accent and think you are the cutest for trying to speak her language.

Even if you only know a few words, make good use of them.

However, if the words ‘comer’ and ‘tirar’ are in your repertoire, be sure to use them very carefully, unless you want to screw it up.

I felt a little judgemental but It was part of the fun.If joking is not in your veins, at least, laugh with her.We are cheerful and we like to make jokes even of our misfortunes.A smile and a good dose of black humor will make a good impression.Punctuality is not a quality of Colombians, particularly women on a first date. Engage with her stories, pay attention, ask questions — and be forthcoming. Demonstrate that you want to know more about her life. If she offers to pay part of the bill, don’t take it too seriously. This is just a way to show your interest and to let her know that you enjoyed her company.

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