Online dating international students

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Oh, and he’s from Belgium.’” Of course, dating someone isn’t all about the reaction you’ll get from others.But we can’t pretend it’s not great to snag the foreign hottie every girl on campus has had her eye on! The Relationship Has an Expiration Date Whether you just got out of a long relationship or you’re just not looking for anything too serious right now, dating an international student is the perfect opportunity for something a little more casual.We talked to some experienced collegiettes and came up with seven things to consider before dating a temporary visitor to the States. He’s Different From American Guys Dating someone from a different country can be a nice departure from the norm.“I dated a guy from Belgium who was studying at my school for the year,” says Krystal, a student at the University of Michigan.

What could be bad about a fun fling with a foreign campus cutie studying at your American college?However, if you’re seeking a serious relationship, it’s important to consider whether or not you think things will last once your cutie returns home.“I hadn’t gone into my relationship thinking it would last past the semester, but when it was time for Daniel to return to Dublin, we knew it wasn’t over,” says Kristine from Boston College.“I felt like I was always asking him if we could take things slower, which led to frustration on both our parts.” Unless you’re both clear on what you’re looking for, both emotionally and physically, you could end up heartbroken (or running for the hills! Unfortunately, this usually ends in more frustration than anything.“We kept up correspondence for a little bit after my boyfriend went back to Belize,” Jen says.

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