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She admires the twins' mother and enjoys designing fashions. Benio (or "Benibara", as she's known to her peers) is a student from the all-female St. She believes that all females are meant to be pure, and dislikes the flirtatious nature of the men of the Ouran host club. Like Honey, he is an expert martial artist, and is also the captain of the judo and karate clubs.

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Tamaki likes to think of himself as the "daddy" of the Host Club, and thinks of Haruhi as his "daughter".After accidentally knocking over a priceless Renaissance vase that's worth far more than Haruhi can possibly repay (¥8 million), she is forced to join the Host Club as an "errand boy" to work off her debt.Soon after, however, Haruhi proves to be a natural host (no training needed) and is promoted to full status as a Host of the Ouran Host Club.Name romanizations differ among the several different English-language products released for this franchise: English-language editions of the manga published by VIZ Media and Chuang Yi, the anime from Funimation and the Nippon Television's Japanese-language website on the series.The plot centers on the adventures of Haruhi Fujioka, a student of middle class means who earns entrance to Ouran Academy, an exclusive and prestigious high school attended by pupils from aristocratic or wealthy families.

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