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“Sometimes, if I’m dating a guy but I don’t want to sleep with him right away, he’s like, ‘Oh, because it doesn’t work.’ Or people think you can’t orgasm. But if they knew how beautiful and how natural the vagina really is, and how it’s so in tune with your mind and your body, I think people would start seeing it as sexy rather than as a science experiment.I mean, even I didn’t know the possibilities.”Nomi said that as she was preparing for SRS, she wished there were more women talking about their experiences of sex after surgery, because she felt sort of in the dark.“I think a lot of people, when they think of trans females, they think ‘a girl with a penis,’” she said.“And if you’re post-op, they think you just had your penis cut off.

“So now when I’m not having sex, it’s kinda sad, because you’re really reminded of it.

There’s still this shock factor to having a sex change.

People think, ‘Eww, that’s so horrible’ or ‘That’s so .’”According to Nomi, these misconceptions are common even within her own, progressive social scene.

Has the cultural conversation around trans culture progressed enough?

Over Chardonnay in Bushwick, Brooklyn, I sat down with Nomi to talk about sex.

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