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To hold attraction for each other we need to have an individual in there -- standing upright.

My second tip: share the responsibility of initiating sex. Yeah, me too, but I've experienced the death of sex in a past relationship with a man (showing us it affects more than just the lesbians) and I have a theory about it: I believe the death of sex in a relationship can happen when one person is in charge of initiating sexy time every time. Because it's the place people go to meet people to date.

But if you are looking for people to date (and potentially have a relationship with) then be efficient.

Go to the places where there are people looking to date you -- online dating sites like or Mature 121 First Dates was a long process.

"Pick five words that represent you and make sure your Facebook profile reflects those five words," she says. They know a thing or two about relationships, but more importantly, they know other single people who are marriage-minded.

" The next step was a book proposal (a year-long writing project), and with that I found a literary agent who would open the doors to the publishing houses. If you have a strategic organized plan, something will come through faster." So, uh, what should this plan be? There's no stigma about dating online anymore -- one-fourth of the people who got married last year met online. "Send out a tweet to your friends and tell them that you're having happy hour drinks on Friday at your favorite bar. Sure, there has to be an intersection of luck, timing, and opportunity, to find love," she says, "But you increase your odds when you do something about it.Instead, take a look at what you've been trying and how, and think of ways to do it better. Rachel says that there's no shame in hiring a dating coach.Hey, we have personal trainers, therapists, and head hunters. I will definitely be trying out some of this advice.

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