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We don't know much about her personality, but we know a lot about her personal life. Obviously, [Cyrus] wouldn't want to be doing what I'm doing, and I wouldn't want to be doing what she's doing.

She's the queen of Instagram but claims to hate social media. She has a tumultuous relationship with ex Justin Bieber and a love-hate relationship with the press, her peers, even her fans. Here's the double life of this fascinating pop star. It's so disappointing that I've become a tabloid story. But I'm a fan of her music—I don't know if she'd say that about me." Girl, we see you.

And, it's not a coincidence that she is promoting her new album." Bieber isn't the only famous beau Gomez has seemingly pimped out for press.

In early 2015, she was linked to DJ and producer Zedd, who happened to be dropping a collaboration with Gomez right around the time of their suspicious romance.

It's smoky and fun and sexy." Perhaps Gomez's self-awareness is why she often uses backing tracks, even when she does sing live.

She's been busted numerous times for miming, including at the Jingle Ball in December 2013, when she flipped out over an audio issue and yelled, "What the f**k?! Fellow performer Ariana Grande shaded her for her lip sync fail later on during the same show.

" A fan replied by politely asking Gomez why she doesn't use her voice to support the Black Lives Matter movement or discuss police brutality.

"Everybody was talking about the same thing: my relationship," she said. I said, I want this [performance] to be the last time I have to talk about this. And all I want is to move on." When asked if she and the Biebs are still pals, she replied, "Genuinely. I'm always encouraging and I am proud of his journey. That's it." In January 2016, when magazine: "I'm so exhausted. Considering Gomez was adamant that she and Bieber were totally over romantically, she shocked the world when she lashed out at him over Instagram for dating model Sofia Richie. Hope u all can be kind to my friends and each other.

' But then it feels gross [to complain], because it comes with what I love to do…Sure, I knew people would talk about [her relationship with Bieber]…You're young and you don't know how to be.

You don't think: 'Now I have a boyfriend—let's keep it super-private and low key,' because that's not what you're thinking about.

estimated that Gomez's social media posts are worth close to 0,000 each, perhaps in part because of the buzz she generates when she shades her exes on the platforms, but also because of her relatively clean image.

Her sponsored posts from brands such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Pantene kill it on Instagram (this shot was one of the most liked photos of anyone magazine, "In a few years, I'll give all of [social media] up.

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