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“Helping young people find the right partner had a direct impact on their further development, which affects societal harmony and stability,” the CYL, Ministry of Civil Affairs and National Health and Family Planning Commission, and National Health and Family Planning Commission said in a joint statement.The statement also said, “a civilised, healthy, and rational concept of love and marriage should be combined with socialist core values.” According to the official data, over 100 million people in China are of marriageable age but they are still single.Besides money, the Zhen'ai survey also found that Chinese singles are willing to invest a lot of time into their relationships with four-fifths of Chinese singles admitting they'll spend up to six months chasing a love interest, while three-fifths of Chinese singles say they'll wait up to three years in a relationship to get engaged.READ: Beijingers Lose Their Virginity Before 21, According to China's 2015 Love and Marriage Survey The Zhen'ai survey was published ahead of May 20, a date popularly associated as one of China's numerous "Valentine's Days." Referred to as "520," this date is associated with romantic relationships because it resembles the phonetic sound of the Chinese characters for "I love you." But although Beijing men are valued as a prized catch, the city has seen a strain on its romantic relationship with the average failed marriage clocking in at just five years.

The government has launched a blind date program to encourage singles to find their partner.

But the “goods” being hawked by the seasoned ladies behind the stalls are not scarves or souvenirs, but rather singles.

Welcome to the People’s Park “marriage market,” where thousands of adults — mostly aging parents — come daily to scan the sea of personal ads, meet with matchmakers and chat up other parents eager to find a partner for their overworked, unwed children.

(A generation ago, a washing machine and refrigerator would have sufficed.) All these personal facts can also be found on the profiles hanging in the People’s Park marriage market.

If you’re of Chinese descent or are interested in dating someone Chinese, then e Harmony is the perfect place to start.

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