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“In America, the creation in the 1920s of the concept – and crime – of “jaywalking” …

This mammoth infrastructure project plans to bury the road underground and create a public transport hub above. “New York City which is gradually taming the motor car …”: As well as transforming Times Square into a pedestrian zone New York City is installing cycleways and reducing speed limits across the city.then you have ruled out the motor-car from playing any large part in the future development of this country …A vehicle that can only travel its average speed in depopulated rural districts is quite unsuitable for the needs of the age …https://uk/using-the-road-159-to-203/road-junctions-170-to-183 “Few motorists (or cyclists) know this rule exists …”: I asked, on Twitter. Of those who knew, they said they had learned of the rule only since becoming pedestrian- or cycle-advocates.That pedestrians don’t have to jump out of the way at junctions is not common knowledge.

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