Updating mac os 10 2

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If you notice fans are kicking on or if the Mac acts sluggish, give it some time to catch up with all the changes.If you’re going to install Sierra on multiple Macs, one great time- and bandwidth-saving tip came from our customer Stefan in the comments below.Siri needs an internal or external microphone and an Internet connection.Other features require new Mac models in order to work.Apple Pay More merchants than ever accept Apple Pay, Apple’s contactless payment system, including many online stores.If you have an Apple Pay-compatible i Phone or Apple Watch, you can now use it with your Mac to complete online Apple Pay transactions.

You’ll be able to use your Mac straightaway after answering a few questions at the end of the upgrade process.

Sierra can also prompt you to remove duplicate files and remove clutter – app installers you don’t need, for example, or installer cache files.

Things that can take up a lot of space, things you just don’t need.

No more typing in passwords when you wake your Mac from sleep or turn it on. i Cloud Drive i Cloud Drive helps you share files between multiple Macs or i OS devices signed into the same i Cloud account.

i Cloud Drive isn’t a cloud backup solution like Backblaze – it’s a great sync tool, however.

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