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In particular, Drupal 6 introduced an abstraction layer that allowed programmers to create SQL queries without writing SQL.

Drupal 7 extends the data abstraction layer so that a programmer no longer needs to write SQL queries as text strings. Microsoft has written a database driver for their SQL Server.

Core modules also includes a hierarchical taxonomy system, which lets developers categorize content or tagged with key words for easier access.

Drupal localization is built on top of gettext, the GNU internationalization and localization (i18n) library.

There are several backup modules available in Drupal.

On October 15, 2014, a sql injection vulnerability was announced and update released.

In the Drupal community, "core" refers to the collaboratively built codebase that can be extended through contributory modules and for versions prior to Drupal 8 is kept outside of the "sites" folder of a Drupal installation.

(Starting with version 8, core is kept in its own 'core' sub-directory.) Drupal core is the stock element of Drupal.

Drupal themes use standardized formats that may be generated by common third-party theme design engines.This content is accessible to web visitors through a variety of selectable criteria.As of Drupal 8, Drupal has adopted some Symfony libraries into Drupal core.There have been many improvements to both the visitor and administrator sides of Drupal, especially: This design allows third-party contributed modules and themes to extend or override Drupal's default behaviors without changing Drupal core's code.Drupal isolates core files from contributed modules and themes.

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