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I am confident that academic speed dating will prove useful in many contexts, if you delimit the task for something immediately useful.

Last but not least, the students found it fun and rewarding!

Subsequently one row moves one seat to the right and the exercise is repeated until all students have dated everybody on the opposite row.

If 2 minutes seem too short, you may divide the group in two (12 12) and let them ’date’ twice, the first round concentrating on one research question, and the second on the other.

Next dates are: March 30th April 27th See you at the table, may the best team win! from 8 pm – 9 pm we are finding the catking and queen – who can take out the barrel? Vela has the absolutely most beautiful and cosy surroundings in the city, and an incredible atmosphere that is off the charts, no matter what time you drop by.

There will be a price for both, and likewise a price for the best costume. Vela also hosts several cultural events such as poetry- and literature evenings (the queer way), live music, speed-dating and much more..

In this instance (see the photo/video) the inner row remained seated, while the outer row moved one seat to the right every two minutes.

The (extra) student at the end would spend the two minutes going behind the row to jump in at the other end.

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The exercise sharpens the students' analytic sense because they have to break down research questions into their components: Specific keywords and concepts, and to reflect on which academic (sub-)discipline the topic is part of, and hence which database to search from (sociological, philosophical, historical? The activity inspires their own searches, and I overheard them during break continue discussions on how to approach topics.

Part of the methodology course is online where the students search for sources for their essays.

It proved hard for students to broaden keywords (if they get too few hits) or to narrow down keywords (if they get too many).

Begge parters behov og interesser danner således grundlag for et kort og målrettet møde på selve speed-dating dagen.

På mødet vil både brand og leverandør få lejlighed til at præsentere sig selv og indlede en dialog.

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